Best Road Bikes for Kids in 2017 – Reviews & Comparison

Best Road Bikes for KidsLearning to ride a bicycle is an exciting right of passage that’s been in style for decades. And with a global-wide emphasis on sustainability and fitness, small towns and major metropolitan areas alike are growing more bike-friendly every day. You can help your child build confidence and pick up proper cycling skills by giving them a bike of their very own.

Whether your family takes to the streets of your neighborhood or a scenic designated bike path through a park or green space, biking is a fun activity that can bring a family closer together. Plus, because riding a kids road bike is so freeing, your children won’t even notice they’re getting exercise!

7 Top Rated Road Bikes for Kids: Quick Comparison

ProductRatingSuitable ForTyre SizeAge LimitBrake Type
RoyalBaby BMX FreestyleBoys & Girls12 Inch to 18 Inch3 – 7 YearsCoaster + Hand
Dynacraft Magna StarburstGirls16 Inch4-6 YearsCoaster
Dynacraft Magna GravelBoys12 Inch3 – 4 YearsCoaster
Diamondback Mini ViperBoys16 Inch5 – 7 YearsCoaster
RoyalBaby StargirlGirls12 Inch to 16 Inch2 – 7 YearsCaliper + Coaster
Schwinn Grit BikeBoys12 Inch2 – 4 YearsFoot + Hand
Dynacraft MagnaBoys16 Inch4 – 6 YearsCoaster
Razor AngelGirls20 Inch8-10 YearsHand

Reviews of the Top Junior Road Bikes in 2017

When choosing a kids road bike, make sure the bike is a good fit and keep in mind that you may want to choose a size larger that your child can grow into, rather than out of. Size is often a better indicator than the manufacturer’s recommended age range. While brands may vary slightly according to size, refer to the following general guidelines to find the perfect size for your child.

  • 12-inch bikes are suitable for children ages 3 – 5 and between 28 – 38 inches in height.
  • Choose a 14-inch model for children who are between 39 – 53 inches tall.
  • Kids between 4 – 6 with a height of 43 – 59 inches may find a 16-inch bike to be the perfect size.
  • An 18-inch road bike is ideal for kids ages 5 – 8 who are 52 inches or taller.

Today’s kids have more road bike variety at their fingertips than ever, and whether your son or daughter wants a pink BMX-style road bike or a hip cruiser-style bike, you’ll be able to find one with tons of safety features at a variety of price points. Alternately, if you are looking for a 4 wheel wide, checkout our best ATVs for Kids article. Some of the top choices for road bikes for children between 3 – 8 years old include the following models:

RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bike

No matter his or her age or skill level, you can find the perfect bike thanks to the versatile RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle. With a sleek, gender-neutral appearance that resembles an authentic mountain bike, the BMX Freestyle is equipped with sturdy training wheels and is offered in three sizes for growing kids: 12-inch, 14-inch and 16-inch, with a price tag that varies from about $80 – $260 depending on color and size. This single-speed junior road bike is equipped with a water bottle and holder, so your child can stay hydrated during their ride.

  • The BMX Freestyle’s safety features include a bell and dual brake system.
  • Constructed from durable steel.
  • The RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle is super easy to assemble.
  • Available in six distinct colors, including pink, white and green.

Dynacraft Magna Starburst Girls Road Bike

This 16-inch girls bike is priced to work with any budget, and it’s the perfect choice for beginners, with training wheels that are adjustable and easy to remove. The Dynacraft Magna Starburst features a BMX-style steel frame and rear coaster brake, and with no reflectors on the wheels or bike itself, it’s designed for daytime riding only.

  • Easy to assemble in 30 minutes or less with only a 13mm and 15mm wrench.
  • The Magna Starburst’s front handlebar pad and strong grips help ensure a smooth, safe ride.
  • The bike’s deluxe paint job, in purple and white with pink accents, looks great and resists scratches.

Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster Boys Road Bike

The boy-approved counterpart to Dynacraft’s Magna Starburst, the 12-inch Gravel Blaster will satisfy your little guy’s need for speed. Widely touted as an excellent starter road bike for kids, the Gravel Blaster is sturdy and safe, with a steel frame, padded seat and rear coaster brake. Simple to assemble in about half an hour, this budget-friendly bike is available for around $55.

  • The bike’s frame and fork comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Features a high-gloss finish and bold green/black paint job for excellent visibility.
  • Boys will love the Gravel Blaster’s sleek BMX styling, handlebar pad and fun decals.
  • The included training wheels are fully adjustable and removable.

Diamondback 2014 Mini Viper Kids BMX Bike

Diamondback’s popular Mini Viper was re-vamped in 2014, giving young riders a safer, smoother and more comfortable ride. The 2014 Mini Viper is equipped with aluminum alloy rims and strong handlebar grips. Confident riders may find that the 16-inch Mini Viper rides more smoothly without the adjustable training wheels, which are included.

  • Attractive but not too flashy, the Mini Viper is available in blue with a black padded seat.
  • Stopping is quick and safe thanks to the bike’s rear disc brake.
  • The Mini Viper’s BMX frame is constructed from heavy-duty steel and weighs in at a hefty 28 pounds.
  • Assembly is simple, and riders will be on the road in about 45 minutes.

RoyalBaby Stargirl Girls Road Bike

One of the newest models from RoyalBaby, the Stargirl Girls Bike is available in three different sizes: 12-inch, 14-inch and 16-inch. The dual brake system, featuring a rear coaster brake and front handlebar caliper brake, ensures a smooth and safe ride for your young lady. The Stargirl is sturdy and durable, constructed from heavy-duty steel. Thanks to the Stargirl’s quick-release seat post, you can easily adjust the seat as your child grows.

  • The Stargirl comes 95 percent assembled and can be put together in a flash.
  • Girls love the bike’s included front basket.
  • Wide knobby tires and adjustable training wheels, a RoyalBaby patented design, help beginners become confident riders.
  • The bike’s high-quality pink-and-blue paint job is attractive and stands up to excessive wear.

Schwinn Boys 12-inch Grit Bike

Ideal for the smallest riders who aren’t yet comfortable enough to venture out on their own, the Schwinn Boys 12-inch Grit Bike is equipped with a sturdy push handle so that parents can guide their children without having to bend over. Your little rider and his Grit Bike will stay clean thanks to a fully-enclosed chain guard and front and rear fenders. The name Schwinn is synonymous with quality, and the sturdy Grit Bike stays upright even over unexpected dips in the asphalt.

  • The bike’s training wheels are heavy-duty and fully adjustable.
  • The Schwinn Boys 12-inch Grit Bike comes with simple assembly instructions that are easy to follow.
  • Parent push handle, which features a mounted water bottle holder, is easy to remove.
  • The Grit Bike comes with a matching water bottle.
  • Wide street tires make for a smooth and stable ride.

Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boys Bike

Don’t let its name fool you; the 16-inch Major Damage Boys Bike will make your little guy feel like a racing legend. Dynacraft offers a lifetime warranty on the bike’s BMX-style frame and fork, and the bright yellow, high-gloss finish make for exceptional visibility. The Dynacraft Magna Major Damage is ideal as a beginner road bike and is for novice riders who are about 42 inches tall.

  • With a price tag of less than $60, this bike is a great value junior road bike.
  • Super quick, 15-minute assembly using 13mm and 15mm wrenches.
  • Features sturdy adjustable training wheels and strong rear coaster brake.
  • The Major Damage’s flashy handlebar pad provides additional head safety.

Razor Angel Girls Bike

When your daughter has outgrown her princess obsession as well as her 12- or 14-inch bike, she’ll love the look and feel of Razor’s Angel. Razor, also known for kids dirt bikes, is a worldwide popular brand when it comes to outdoor riding toys for kids. . The 20-inch bike is a good stepping-stone to off-road or multi-gear bikes. She’ll feel like a gown up while riding the Angel, which boasts a glossy white, BMX-style frame, black tires and seat, and bright pink accents. The Angel is easy to assemble in less than 30 minutes, and the included kick stand comes pre-installed.

  • The Angel’s solid construction and large drive gear means that young riders can keep up with adult bikes.
  • Pink wheel pegs add stability and a coolness factor.
  • Durable and safe, the bike has front and rear hand brakes as well as a rear coaster brake.
  • The Razor Angel is well-balanced, and the alloy seat clamp provides a flexible adjustment range for growing girls.

Best Road Bikes for 8, 9 & 10 Year Old Boys and Girls

Kids grow so fast and soon their junior road bicycles turn into toys which are used no more. It will then be a time to buy a youth road bike that suits the ages 8, 9, 10 and even 11 and 12 years so that they don’t leave the habit of cycling and other outdoor activities to stay fit.

Kent Super 20 Boys Bike, 20-Inch – 7 to 9 Years

Perfect road bike for 7, 8 and 9 year old kids with 7 speed gearing. It gives the rider an enhanced experience of riding with greater control and smooth ride since it comprises of a fully welded dual suspension frame and a downhill suspension fork at the front.

It ensures the ultimate safety along with the riding comfort and durable as well as robust for the roads. All its amazing features makes this bicycle a must buy for children.

Razor Angel Girls’ Bike, 20-Inch – Perfect for 8,9 & 10 Year Old Kids

Razor is one of the most popular brands when it comes to outdoor toys. This road bike is specially designed for girls between 8 and 10 years and has 20 inch rims with 48 spokes. It is made up of a strong steel frame as well as fork that are durable.

The bike also has two handbrakes, one for front and one for the rear tires and is one of the most popular road bikes amongst the children.

The color combination of this bike is perfectly suited for young girls and it is one of the best outdoor gift for girls of 8 to 10 years of age.

Kent Pro 20 Boy’s Freestyle Bike, 20-Inch – 10 Years and above

This is another best seller from Kent that caters to boys over 10 years. It comprises of 20 inch wheels and tig welded steel frame and fork that are sturdy and have a long life.

This is a serious freestyle bike that features micro drive and is built to take the abuse.

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