Best Dune Buggy for Kids in 2017 – Reviews & Comparison

Best Dune Buggy for KidsInitially designed to traverse beaches and sandy ground, dune buggies are fun to drive, and they look it. Even the name “dune buggy” evokes thoughts of playful fun, and your child can experience the thrill of a dune buggy adventure on one of the many models made for kids.

Full-size dune buggies are equipped with wide tires that can smoothly roll over bumps as well as loose and wet terrain, and they typically boast an open-cockpit design that dates back to the early days of dune buggy racing.

Sometime around the 1950s, creative beach-goers stripped small cars down to their chassis and added larger wheels, and the dune buggy was born, sparking a trend that continues into present day.

Those early dune buggies were beasts, designed for speed and power but not necessarily pleasing to the eye. Today’s models are rugged and powerful, but aesthetics have top billing as well.

The best dune buggy for kids is bright, colorful and sleek, so your little rider will feel super cool whether he or she is zipping along the beach or your local off-road track.

5 Top Rated Dune Buggies for Children: Quick Comparison

ProductRatingMax. Speed  Age GroupMax. WeightDimensionsBattery
Fisher-Price Power Wheels (Green)5 mph3 to 7 Years130 lbs25 x 46 x 15 inches12V
Razor Dune Buggy10 mph13 Years & above120 lbs14.75 x 21.75 x 36.25 inches24V (two 12V)
Fisher-Price Power Wheels (Chrome)5 mph3 to 7 Years130 lbs25 x 15 x 46 inches12V
Razor Force Drifter Kart12 mph14 Years & above140 lbs26.38 x 15.35 x 38.19 inches24V (two 12V)
Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer12 mph3 to 7 Years130 lbs29.4 x 18.2 x 50.6 inches12V

Reviews of Top Rated Dune Buggies for Kids in 2017

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Green Dune Racer

Even though it carries the name “Power Wheels,” your adventurous kid won’t mistake the highly rated Green Dune Racer for a simple plastic toy! With an open cockpit and cool chrome accents, just like a real dune buggy, the Dune Racer can accommodate two riders, and its Velcro seat belts help foster responsible driving skills. This rear-wheel drive mini dune buggy is equipped with a powerful Monster Traction system, allowing riders to easily traverse all types of terrain.

  • The Dune Racer has two forward drive options, with a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour.
  • Metal sidebars and power-lock brakes help keep kids safe.
  • Designed for riders between the ages of 3 – 7.
  • Even at high speeds, the strong 12-volt battery provides about 2 hours of drive time on a single charge.

Razor Dune Buggy

With its simple, no-frills design, the Razor Dune Buggy for kids was made for superior power and performance. The dune buggy’s 350-watt electric motor tops at out a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour, and it can easily traverse rough terrain, bumps and small hills. Boasting top-of-the-line safety features, including a side roll cage, welded steel frame and sturdy seat belt, your young rider will stay safe even at high speeds.

  • The Dune Buggy’s hand-operated throttle is easy to adjust using the included Allen wrench.
  • A padded bucket seat and 8-inch pneumatic tires make for a smooth, comfortable ride.
  • Ideal for riders ages 8 and older who weigh 120 pounds or less.
  • Riders will enjoy about 45 minutes of continuous drive time on a single battery charge.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Chrome Dune Racer

Your little racer can share the fun while behind the wheel of the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Chrome Dune Racer. Featuring dual bucket seats, a sturdy steel frame and super strong power-lock brake system, the Chrome Dune Racer is a great choice for beginning riders. This durable kids dune buggy supports riders up to 130 pounds and boasts three drive modes: 2.5 and 5 miles per hour forward and 2.5 miles per hour in reverse.

  • Wet grass, bumpy roads and rough terrain are no match for this dune buggy’s Monster Traction system.
  • The Dune Racer’s 12-volt battery is easy to access and can fully recharge in about 10 hours.
  • Your riders will stay protected thanks to built-in Velcro seat belts and metal sidebars.
  • The assembly instructions are easy to read, and the Dune Racer will be ready to roll in about an hour.

Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart

Its tight turning radius means that the Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart handles like a dream, even around sharp corners. Confident riders between 8 – 14 years can hone their riding skills while operating the Drifter Kart, which boasts a variable-speed, chain-driven motor and thumb-trigger acceleration control. The Drifter Cart’s low center of gravity resists tipping, keeping your daredevil safe even if he or she maxes out at the buggy’s top speed of 12 miles per hour.

  • Maximum rider weight is 140 pounds.
  • A full battery charge allows your rider about 45 minutes of continuous drive time.
  • Young riders will feel extra cool behind the wheel of this bright blue, head-turning dune buggy.
  • Molded plastic front wheels and Super Slider POM rear wheels provide exceptional gripping.
  • The Drifter Cart’s hand-operated rear brake stops on a dime.

Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer

Your little rider can channel his or her inner Caped Crusader and feel super cool behind the wheel of the Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer. Stylish front fenders, chrome accent and Batman-inspired graphics make this kids ATV stand out, and there’s even a “secret” storage compartment under seat for toys and snacks. Thanks to the high speed lock-out mechanism, you can keep the vehicle humming along at a safe 2.5 miles per hour until your rider is ready for the maximum forward speed of 5 mph.

  • Features steel construction and a rechargeable 12-volt battery.
  • Sturdy tires and Monster Traction system make for a smooth ride over all types of terrain.
  • The Dune Racer’s open cockpit is spacious enough for two riders to fit comfortably.
  • Tops out at 2.5 miles per hour in reverse mode.
  • Easy to assemble in about 30 minutes with minimal tools needed.

Gas Powered Dune Buggy

While the majority of dune buggies for kids run on battery power, serious riders typically find gas-powered models to be superior. With higher price tags than electric models, gas-powered dune buggies give riders better control, greater stopping power and, often, more speed.

The biggest advantage of a gas powered dune buggy, however, is its versatile drive time, which is virtually limitless as long as there’s gas in the tank. It can be frustrating to practice riding skills, only to have the battery drain in an hour or less.

If your child uses his or her dune buggy for more than just short trips around the block or across your yard, you may want to invest in a gas-powered dune buggy.

Electric Dune Buggy

Zero emissions is arguably the biggest advantage to investing in an electric dune buggy rather than a gas-powered model. However, even the strongest battery systems may wear out before riders are finished tearing up the track. Having back-up batteries on hand keeps the fun going without the need to stop and gas up the dune buggy.

In addition, an electric dune buggy requires less maintenance than a gas-powered model, which has to be oiled regularly.

Parents of younger riders often choose electric models as a starter vehicle because battery-powered dune buggies typically top out at lower speeds than their gas-powered counterparts.

Safety features such as high-speed lock-out mechanisms and power-lock brakes are desirable traits for beginners who are looking to build up riding confidence.

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