10 Best ATV for Kids – Reviews and Comparison 2017

Best ATV for KidsAll Terrain Vehicles, popularly known as ATVs, are common weekend and holiday sights across the U.S. Many communities have designated ATV tracks where riders can let loose, and the excitement of taking turns behind the wheel of an ATV can bring your family closer together.

A relatively young pastime, ATVs first came onto the recreational and sporting scenes in the 1960s. While today, 4-wheeled ATVs are standard, early vehicles had as many as six wheels. The appearance of sleek, sporty 3- and 4-wheeled ATVs in popular films and TV shows in the 1970s and ’80s, such as the James Bond movie Diamonds Are Forever, helped fuel the status of kds ATVs among global youth and cemented the vehicle’s place in history.

ATV riding is an in-demand recreational activity, and kids ATV sales have remained relatively steady in recent years, with about 227,000 units sold annually between 2012 – 2015. Many of those ATVs are small-scale versions, designed with young ATV fans in mind.

10 Top Rated ATVs for Kids in 2017: Quick Comparison

ProductRatingSpeedAge LimitMax. WeightBattery
Fisher-Price Kawasaki KFX3 & 6 mph3-8 Years65 lbs12V
Fisher-Price Dune Racer2.5 & 5 mph3-7 Years130 lbs12V
Razor Dirt QuadVariable8+120 lbs3 Non Standard Batteries
Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX2.5 & 5 mph3+65 lbs12V
Power Wheels Barbie Kawasaki KFX3 & 6 mph3-5 Years65 lbs12V
Yamaha Raptor 700R5 mphmax3+ Years-12V
Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw2.5 & 5 mph3-7 Years85lbs12V
Fisher-Price Camo Lil Quad2 mph1-3 Years-6V
Fisher-Price Batman Lil Quad2 mph1-3 Years-6V
Atv 125cc Fully Automatic----

Reviews of the Best ATVs for Kids – 50cc-110cc-125cc, Electric & Gas ATVs

It may sound hard to believe, but even toddlers can learn to ride an ATV! No matter the age of your little rider, he or she will achieve helmet and road safety, motor skills and independence as they learn to power and maneuver their very own electric ATV for kids. Some are more akin to large, motorized toys than actual ATVs while others are simply pint-sized versions of the real thing. Here’s 10 of the best ATV for kids on the market:

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX

With a bright green finish for superior visibility, the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX is made for adventure. This highly rated electric ATV for kids boasts Kawasaki quality, safety and control in a compact design, perfect for riders between the ages of 3 – 6. Its large, knobby wheels mean that this Power Wheels can easily handle varied terrain, including gravel, wet grass and mud. With a price tag of around $229, the Kawasaki KFX is an ideal starter bike for any budget.

  • The Kawasaki KFX comes with a long lasting 12-volt battery and charger.
  • Maximum recommended rider weight is 65 pounds.
  • Safety features include a Power Lock brake system and high-speed lock-out.
  • The two-stage throttle system allows for speeds of 3 or 6 miles per hour, and the KFX also has a reverse button.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer

Your speed demon can bring a friend along for the ride in the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer. This two-seater ATV is available in four distinct colors: Green, pink, camo and red/black. Sleek and powerful, the Dune Racer features a Monster Traction system that’s suitable for rough terrain and hard surfaces alike. The 12-volt Dune Racer has a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour and can go up to 2.5 miles per hour when in reverse. With an open cockpit design and a “secret” compartment under the hood for storage, your child will feel all grown up in their Dune Racer.

  • Easy to assemble with minimal tools in about an hour.
  • Rear-wheel drive gives your child exceptional control and engine power.
  • Metal sidebars, a sturdy steel frame and Power Lock brake system keeps your kids safe.
  • Recommended for riders 3 – 7 years of age.

Razor Dirt Quad Electric ATV – Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle

Suitable for riders who are comfortable behind the wheel and who have grown out of their first toy ATV, the Razor Dirt Quad is durable and powerful, and it delivers a smooth ride, no matter the terrain. With authentic dirt quad frame geometry, 13-inch pneumatic knobby tires and a chain-driven electric motor, the Dirt Quad boasts a smooth, quiet ride along with exceptional handling and control. While it does not offer a reverse mode, this electric ATV for kids has a large turning radius and high-torque gear ratio.

  • The Razor Dirt Quad supports riders up to 120 pounds.
  • No assembly required; simply adjust the handlebars and air up the tires.
  • Twist-grip throttle acceleration helps riders reach speeds up to about 15 miles per hour.
  • Riders can enjoy up to 40 minutes of continuous use on a full battery charge.
  • Unlike many similar-sized ATVs, replacement parts are available for the Razor Dirt Quad.

Power Wheels Hot Wheels Kawasaki KFX

Your son or daughter will look and feel like a racing legend on the bright red Power Wheels Hot Wheels Kawasaki KFX, which features authentic sport ATV styling and Hot Wheels graphics. This ATV has a twist-grip, two-speed throttle that maxes out at about 5 miles per hour, and riders can also back up at lower speeds. The Kawasaki KFX’s plastic tires wear easily on cement and hard surfaces, so this ATV is best used on grassy and off-road terrain.

  • High speed lock-out function will keep beginning riders safe.
  • 12-volt battery and charger are included.
  • The Hot Wheels Kawasaki KFX is easily assembled in about 30 minutes with two included assembly wrenches.
  • With a maximum weight capacity of 65 pounds, the Kawasaki KFX is best for kids ages 3 – 6.

Power Wheels Barbie Kawasaki KFX

If your little princess wants to flaunt her style while tearing up the ATV track, she’ll love the Power Wheels Barbie Kawasaki KFX. Since she’ll sit on top of the Kawasaki KFX rather than inside it, this ATV grows with her and supports riders up to 65 pounds. The highly rated 12-volt Barbie Kawasaki KFX is sturdy and safe, featuring strong Power Lock brakes and high speed lock-out.

  • Maximum reverse speed is 3 miles per hour, with a max of 6 miles per hour when driving forward.
  • Simple, no-hassle assembly in about 30 minutes using minimal tools.
  • Keeps up speed on all types of terrain, including wet grass and hard surfaces.

ATV 125cc Fully Automatic with Reverse

A mid-size ATV, this model is an ideal choice when you’re looking to upgrade from a toy to a true small-scale ATV. Its price of about $700 may seem high, but with a powerful fully automatic 125cc engine and independent shocks, users tout this as a great value among kid-sized ATVs. The ATV 125cc Fully Automatic is available in a variety of colors, including red, black, pink camo and blue.

  • The included remote kill switch works at about 150 feet and provides an extra safety measure.
  • This popular intro ATV features independent shocks and dual brakes.
  • Smooth gear shifting and fully adjustable idle.
  • Recommended for intermediate riders, with a weight capacity of about 200 pounds.

Yamaha Raptor 700R Boys’ ATV 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On

Lasting up to three hours on a single 12-volt battery charge, the Yamaha Raptor will satisfy your little guy’s need for speed, and he’ll look super cool thanks to the Raptor’s signature race graphics. MotionTrendz tires will give him extra traction on bumpy and wet surfaces while firmly gripping asphalt and other smooth surfaces. A good bike for kids to grow into, the Yamaha Raptor is best for riders 130 pounds and under.

  • This ATV is bright blue and features Raptor sound controls, a sturdy steering wheel column and solid construction.
  • A full battery recharge takes about 14 hours.
  • Minimal assembly is required.
  • The Yamaha Raptor has dual speed control, with a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour, plus reverse.
  • Replacement wheels are inexpensive, at a cost of about $39 for two.

Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw

Made in the U.S. using domestic and global components, the pink Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw is powerful, durable and stylish. Automatic brakes and dual speed capability will help your little rider feel in control no matter if she’s riding on asphalt, dirt or wet grass. The Outlaw’s high speed lock-out feature will keep her at lower speeds until she’s ready to race. At a cost of around $275, the Polaris Outlaw is a great value among similar-sized ATVs specifically designed for girls.

  • The Outlaw boasts a wide turning radius and all-terrain knobby tires.
  • With a maximum weight capacity of 85 pounds, the Polaris Outlaw is best suited for ages 3 – 7.
  • Included 12-volt battery provides 1 hour of continuous use on a single charge.
  • Easy assembly in less than an hour.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Camo Lil’ Quad

Even the youngest racing enthusiasts aren’t left out of the fun thanks to the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Camo Lil’ Quad. Featuring push-button operation and a maximum speed of 2 miles per hour, this mini kids ATV will make your little racer feel like a big kid. It’s low to the ground, so toddlers can get on and off their Lil’ Quad without help, and the built-in footrests will help them gain confidence while riding. At a retail cost of about $80, the Lil’ Quad is a safe, budget-friendly option for their first ATV experience.

  • Includes a 6-volt battery and charger.
  • Mini cargo rack on the back lets them bring their favorite stuffed animal along for the ride.
  • The Camo Lil’ Quad runs best on carpeted surfaces.
  • The maximum weight capacity of the Lil’ Quad is 40 pounds.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Batman Lil’ Quad

Designed for beginners, the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Batman Lil’ Quad is the perfect tool to help your little guy build confidence and learn motor skills. The Lil’ Quad’s toddler-friendly features include simple push-button operation, a small storage space under the hood and a maximum speed capability of 2 miles per hour. Its hard plastic wheels mean that the Lil’ Quad ATV for kids is best used indoors or on smooth dirt surfaces under adult supervision.

  • Your little rider will love the Lil’ Quad’s fun Batman-themed styling and stickers.
  • 6-volt battery and charger included.
  • The Lil’ Quad is recommended for riders between 12 months – 3 years old.
  • Weighing in at about 15 pounds, the Lil’ Quad is simple for your toddler to control and steer.
  • Simple, snap-together assembly means your toddler will be riding in no time.

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